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Understanding The Concept Behind Various Forms Of Distance Education

college Student studying with laptop and taking notes in distance learningOn a strong contrary to what most people believe, there is a lot of difference between the various types of online education. Distance learning has existed from a very long time, but the methods of its implementation have changed substantially in the past couple of decades.

There was a time when universities and other institutes sent their study materials to all students via post. The students studied those books at their convenience and answered exams as per the norms. But in modern times, the process of imparting education in the distance learning mode has undergone a significant paradigm shift. Video lectures accessible online have made the lives of distance learners a lot better than before. With online exams at a fixed time, the curriculum has become slightly strict, but it is more or less the norm in the current times.

A distance learner’s efforts do not go wasted because study material is scarce. Using online tools a student of the distance learning courses can access as much data as they want and make sure that they are at par with their counterparts in the full-time courses. Life is not exactly a bed of roses for students anywhere, but at least the modern innovations have decreased the disparities to a substantial extent.

Most experts classify distance learning course programs into broader categories namely synchronous and asynchronous. The process of classification is pretty simple and involves assessment of the timeline in which a student has to complete their coursework. In case you are enrolled in an asynchronous program, you may have some deadlines with course studies, but in general, you will have an extensive amount of freedom. In the synchronous learning courses, there is a substantial extent of time-bound movement.

It is not just about the bulletin boards in a regular classroom but also about the study plans that an individual can make for himself using the online learning tools that they have. Various types of distance learning courses such as:

Open schedule online courses
Hybrid Distance learning programs
Computer Based Learning Courses
Fixed time online courses, etc. have made huge inroads into the entire concept of imparting education and providing certified degrees.
Open schedule online courses give students a lot of flexibility in the way they choose to learn. In such classes, a student gets online books to determine their coursework. If you are a procrastinator, then you might face some difficulty in distance learning programs that employ open schedule learning.

Hybrid learning courses have elements of not only synchronous learning but also asynchronous learning to make the study program extremely flexible. The best thing about these modules is that there is a relatively higher degree of freedom when it comes to working submission.

Computer-based learning courses in the distance education mode are pretty similar to full-time courses. You do not get direct classes, but the online courses are held at a particular time which is decided well in advance.

So, please make sure that you choose the right type of course for yourself.

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