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Top 10 Universities Offering Distance Learning Opportunities In US

closeup of young girl working with laptopWith e-learning grabbing the spotlight and more and more students deciding to opt for home learning as a better way to learn without affecting their professional and personal lives; the US becomes one of the best available options to take it forward. The US opens the doors to long-distance learning and gives opportunities to international students to learn more and achieve more. Now, let us take a look at the top universities in the US which offer flexible distance course and remote learning opportunities:

The University Of California, Berkeley
This is one of the best options if you are looking for undergraduate courses. The university offers courses that offer academic credits that can be transferred. Study programs and certifications are available in the fields of advanced bio-science, paralegal studies, marketing, and business analysis.

Boston University

Boston University is one among the non-profit universities in the US which offer higher scopes of education to the students. It is also one of the largest universities in the US. They offer a reliable environment to learn online. The courses offered are diplomas, graduate programs, undergraduate degree completion and professional certifications which are also non-credit in nature.

Georgia Institute Of Technology (Georgia Tech)

The Georgia Institute Of Technology is the top-ranked research university and a public college in the USA. It offers online learning opportunities and degrees in various fields like Science, Computer Science and various branches of Engineering.

Kettering University Online

The university, ranked in the 13th position among the non-PhD universities in the nation, is a well-known place for those who would love to learn and explore more. It is also ranked in the 7th position among the mechanical engineering universities as per the reports published by World Report and US News.

University Of Colorado, Denver

This one tops the list of public urban research universities and offers over 140-degree programs. Among the 140, some of them can be learned online too. It gives value to inclusion and diversity thus bringing together students of varying perspectives and experiences under one roof.

James Madison University

The James Madison University is ranked as the top US public school which gives preference to creative thoughts and stresses on the importance of global communities. Commitment to the development of students and exemplary teaching mechanisms makes this university one of the best choices ever.

Walden University

Walden University is quite popular, and students from more than one hundred and fifty countries are studying here in the pursuit of knowledge and development. They offer online learning opportunities that offer promotion of social changes and stays up to date with the trends in the market.

St. Bonaventure University

This university is a Catholic- Franciscan college which offers higher education opportunities to build up exceptional leaders, great communicators, and intelligent problem solvers.

Concordia University Wisconsin

This university focuses more on providing higher education that focuses on Christian principles. It emphasizes on imparting value and faith to its students. It offers degrees in Business, Humanities, and Education.

Washington State University

The university was found in the year 1890, and it aims to impart academic excellence to a widespread audience. It offers a user-friendly online platform for the students to learn masters, bachelors and non-degree certificates too.