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The Repository is a PreK-20 initiative spearheaded by the Consortium on behalf of Florida’s education system to acquire, develop, store, manage, and electronically share high-quality learning resources among all Florida education professionals. These resources are searchable, portable, and reusable.

Repositories are systems for the storage, management, location, and retrieval of electronic content that:

  1. Store meta-data about the objects they contain
  2. Allow users to upload, download, and update materials
  3. Are compatible and interoperable with a variety of library, learning management, and other repository system standards.

The Repository seeks to house digital educational resources that contribute to student learning or to educators’ professional development. These may include:

  1. Agents/Tools/Widgets
  2. Animations/Simulations/Tutorials/Videos
  3. Assessment/Test Items
  4. Educational Documents
  5. Learning Objects
  6. Images/Photographs/Presentations/Slideshows
  7. Syllabi/Lesson Plans

Visit the Orange Grove at www.theorangegrove.org or contact the Orange Grove at

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